St Lucia Rugby


Rugby was introduced to St Lucia by a Canadian teacher, Millar Young. Along with some of his colleagues and friends started playing the game then formed the St Lucia Rugby Club in 1974. Rugby began to grow, with bost domestic and overseas fixtures, until 1984 when the game died out.


In 1993 another group of expatriates, Kelly Glass, Kirk Hubson-Garcia, Derek Webb and Roger Butcher, along with a few local lads brought the game back to life, and it has been growing ever since.


The SLRFU became a member of the West Indies Rugby Union (WIRU), then known as the Caribbean Rugby Football Union (CRFU,) in 1996 and became affiliated to the International Rugby Board (IRB) in 1996. The Union, then known as the St Lucia Rugby Association (SLRFA) became a registered entity with the Ministry of Youth, Community Development, Social Affairs and Sports on 18th April 1995.


Rugby has been on the rise in the past few years following the SLRFU partnering with Caribbean Coaching. This partnership has led to a drastic increase in participation of rugby at both a National and grassroots level. The Union now boasts two men's teams, a female team, six youth groups and a number of schools all participating in the game.


Internal matches and tournaments are becoming more and more common, with the Youth Tag Tournament now an annual event, growing in size and popularity each year. The Union also hosts the annual Carnival tournament and will soon have a domestic leauge in 2013.


Caribbean Coaching proudly sponsors the St Lucian Rugby Football Union.

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