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2013 NACRA Men's U19 - Format and Schedule Confirmed

By caribbeancoaching, May 9 2013 06:56PM

St Lucia will be looking to impress with their young talent onthe upcoming NACRA U19s 7s tournament this summer. This is the first time the SLRFU will be entering a team into the compitition! The youth aspect of rugby is on the rise in St Lucia thank to the hard work of Caribbean Coaching and its volunteers. With a number of very talented young players in Laborie, Micoud and Castries St Lucia shouls field a very strong team and put their mark on the U19s circuit!


"With a record number of teams entering the 2013 NACRA U19s 15s Tourament, the Competition has been split in a similar fashion as the IRB U20, with a Cup competition for the top teir teams and a Trophy competition for the more up and coming teams in the region. It is envisaged that with similar numbers competing in future years, that there will be regular promotion and relegation between the two competitions.

While the Cup Competition sees the "usual suspects" in Cayman, Bermuda, T&T Mexico, Barbados and Jamaica, the Trophy will witness a host of relatively unkown teams at the U19 level, with the likes of Turks and Caicos Islands and St Lucia, both of whom are competing for the first time at the regional U19 level. Interesting too will be the perfromance of the Guyana U19s who have been abscent from the competition for many years while choosing to spend their resources on their senior sevens program."

The tournament will run like this:

Sat July 6 Bermuda v Jamaica; T&T v Mexico

Sun July 7 TCI v Bahamas; Guyana v St Lucia

Mon July 8 Cayman v Jamaica; Barbados v Mexico

Tue July 9 TCI v Guyana; Bahamas v St Lucia

Wed July 10 Cayman v Bermuda; T&T v Barbados

Thur July 11 No matches - development and planning session workshop

Fri July 12 TCI v St Lucia; Bahamas v Guyana

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