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Rugby Tours to St Lucia

Rugby was first established through the national rugby team playing touring team, often from visiting military ships. These regular matches againt new and exciting teams did a great deal to help grow rugby and encouraged people to get involved.


In recent years less ships visit the island, but the tour ethos is still there. St Lucia regularly weclome touring rugby teams from other Caribbean Islands. These Caribeban rugby tours are a fantastic highlight in the rugby calendar with music, food and drink going on late into the night. They often attract a large crowd and many have been televised.

Rugby tours have a hugely positive impact on the development of the sport in St Lucia.


We would be delighted to weclome you to the island and with our partners, Caribbean Coaching, have put together a complete tour package to make sure you have an unforgettable trip. They will help organise all your accommodation, transport and excursions, while we take care of the rugby.


So if you are looking for a rugby tour to the Caribbean for your club, school or university please get in touch now.

Rugby tour to St Lucia
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Rugby tours to St Lucia