St Lucia Rugby


St Lucia Ladies

Name: Renetta Fredericks - Women's Captain


 D.O.B:8th October 1987


Height: 5ft 4


Position: Inside Center, Wing


Nickname: Bocky


Personal quote: I am interested in rugby because its a mixture of different sports and it welcomes people of all different physics.

Square Square

Name: Paulyn Eugene


D.O.B: 26th January


Position: Hooker


Name: Marianne Antoine




Height: 5ft 6


Position: Scrum half


Nickname: Yaz


Personal quote: I might be vex when I first get on the field but my mood soon changes. I focus on winning!


Name: Electra Marcelle


 D.O.B: 3rd May 1982


Height: 5ft 5


Position: Winger


Personal quote: Getting licks on a daily basis when training inspires me to try harder and beat the lads at their own game.


Name: Chantel John


D.O.B: 2nd August 1984


Height: 5ft 8


Position: Scrum half, fly half, centre


Nickname: Baby, Officer


Personal quote: Keeping fit is a passion of mine and I love the toughness of the game.


Name: Vonette Victor


D.O.B: 15th September 1981


Height: 5ft 9


Position: Fly half, inside centre


Nickname: Josette


Personal quote: I love rugby as it has the potential to develop an individual, and it has helped me realise my potential. There's no stopping me now


Name: Valerie Farrel


D.O.B: 14th January 1980


Height: 5ft 10


Position: Prop


Personal quote: Rugby is a lifestyle. So is being fit and healthy. I enjoy all three.


Name: Marline Cherry


D.O.B: November 26, 1985


Height: 5ft 8


Position: Centre


Personal quote: